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1. Campaign Trail

2. Inauguration

3. State Of The Union

4. Oval Office

5. Words from 1600 Pennsylvania

6. Foreign Policy

7. House Of Repping

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#hiphop #rap #artofrap (Taken with Instagram)

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This is what I’m doing at 5am in the morning look at you sleeping (Taken with Instagram)

They say it’s really good www.wescoas.bandcamp.com (Taken with Instagram)

Where magic happened (Taken with Instagram)

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Album:Styles Davis

Before I explain the tracks individually I want to talk about the whole project. The album probably started to take shape in February of 2012. It was actually slated to be a mixtape to just be a feeler to re-introduce me and my music to listeners who were interested in my previous works.

Its always interesting what you listen to before you create, I was listening to a lot of Jazz and 2 Chainz, Rick Ross’s Teflon Don, and Common. So in shaping this album I wanted to be an instrument in the music not just another rapper. So my approach towards it was really about doing what I had heard musically from Jazz artist.

Musicality is probably the least appreciated part of the process of making an album and that’s what I wanted to focus on. So when you hear this album its meant to be pleasing to you from a music point first then we can discuss the meaning

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